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Questions? Call 1-800-632-2944  9AM - 4:30PM Pacific
Frequently Asked Questions
(Before You Apply for a Scholarship to the Summit)
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Why do you need a seat deposit if I'm getting a Full Scholarship?
Q: Why do you need a $197 seat deposit for a full scholarship event that's online?
The truth is…

First, it helps us plan and prepare properly to create the best possible experience for you.

We’ve put months of planning into this event. And we’re 100% committed to creating an amazing experience from the time you claim your scholarship until the event ends.

We have done lots of testing to find out what works to be able to accurately predict the number of people who will show up.  

Here’s why it’s important for us to accurately predict how many people will show up:

>>We want to make sure we’ve got enough team and enough Summit Coaches scheduled to support you during the event.  

>> When you claim your scholarship early enough, we also send you a goody bag in the mail.  

In the past when we didn’t require a seat deposit, we would end up either overstaffed or understaffed…

Or we would run out of supplies…

I think you get the idea.

We want to make sure we’ve got enough team so YOU get the care and support during the event. 

So we require the seat deposit to guarantee we will provide the best experience possible for you. 

And while you may be a super high-integrity person and will show up if you say you’re going to show up, we can’t make exceptions to requiring the seat deposit because it would send our systems into chaos.  

We’re working hard over here to provide you with a great experience and offering you the chance to join us on a scholarship with a refundable $197 seat deposit.  

There are people who have happily paid $1,497 for their ticket, so we hope you’ll accept our invitation to join us on Full Scholarship now that you understand our reasons for requiring the seat deposit.
Q: Why do you give the deposit back as a check instead of refunding my credit card (if I'm in the US)?
The reason is because it protects our relationship with our merchant account and credit card processor.

Can you imagine how it would look if we sent 200 refunds in one day?

That would cause our credit card processors to think there is something seriously wrong and we could lose our account and it could ruin our ability to accept credit cards.

This is why we mail out checks the Monday after the event.
Q: What do you do differently for international people?
If you’re joining us and you live outside of the US, we realize it’s a problem to wait so long for the refund check and then there is the exchange rate and all the other issues with international business.

While we’ve had people from 29 different countries attend the Summit, it’s a small enough percentage of each event that we make an exception and we refund your credit card.
Is this Event Right for Me?
Q: Should I wait until I’m finished with my certification/training?
We wish we had attended the Client Attraction Summit before we had completed our coach and acupuncture training. It would have saved us heartache and frustration.

If you’re still in training, but expect to start your business within six months, we absolutely recommend you attend the Client Attraction Summit. Attending the Summit, at this very special time in your career, can make the difference between spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get clients on your own, or immediately filling your schedule with clients.
Q: I’m just starting - should I wait until I feel ready before I attend?
We created the Client Attraction Summit because we believe that there are people waiting for you, who need your gifts, even if you’re just starting out. Attending the Summit when you are just getting started can save you from the heartache and frustration of having a deep craving to make a big difference, without the skills to be able to attract the clients you so deeply want to help.

About half of the people who attend the Client Attraction Summit are just starting their business and have little to no skills or training in growing their business. The other half may have been in business for years, but are ready to take things to the next level.

If you look at the rising transformational leaders of today, you’ll find that many of them made their first six figures after attending this event.
Q: I already have clients. Will this event be too basic for me?
About ⅓ of the people who attend the Summit are seasoned coaches and holistic practitioners who are hungry for the next level of success. In fact, many of our friends who earn 6 or even 7 Figures have raved about the Summit.

The only way you won’t get a ton out of it is if you come with a closed mind. And even if you learn nothing from our 3 days of content (which you will), you can learn a LOT from seeing how we conduct a multi-million dollar coaching and event business.
Q: Who is this event for (just Coaches and Holistic Practitioners or anyone who wants clients)?
We draw a lot of people who consider themselves Coaches and Holistic Practitioners. But, as long as you have a big heart and you’re seeking more clients in your business, this event is for you. We’ve had writers, consultants, speakers, energy healers, doctors, veterinarians, hairstylists, real estate agents, attorneys, accountants, teachers, etc. join us and get a ton from the event.
Q: What if I only have an idea for a business and still have a job?
When one of our members attended the Client Attraction Summit, he was working as a full-time teacher and he came to the event with ‘an idea.’ In less than one year, Roni Habib soared past his $10,000/month goal as he helped close to one thousand teachers avoid burnout and learn how to become better teachers. He had such a successful first year with this ‘side’ business (hundreds of people were attending his events) that he gave notice at his teaching job so that he and his wife could focus their entire energy on their mission. Everything starts as an idea...

If you’re not yet sure what your vision is, you have two options.

You can:

1. Wait for your vision to come to you (you might be waiting a long time…)
2. Actively seek your vision out.

If you are ready to actively seek your vision out, then the Client Attraction Summit is the place to be.

One of the first things you’ll do at the Summit is a powerful exercise that will help you clarify your vision: where you will be at the peak of your success, as well as where you will be one year from now.

At the Summit, you’ll also discover three powerful models that will help you easily add six figures to your income. These models, for many, are the missing pieces that help them clarify their vision.
Q: What if I don’t even know “what I do” yet?
Many coaches, holistic practitioners and entrepreneurs have a hard time explaining what they do to other people. This is unfortunate, because if people don’t get what you do, they won’t have a good reason to work with you or to refer people to you.

The Summit will help you clarify what you do and you’ll discover how to talk about what you do in a way that people become very interested in your services and refer their friends.
Q: Is the Summit a fit for what I do?
The Client Attraction Summit IS for you if:
  • ​You don’t have clients yet, but you are ready to start.
  • ​You have clients but you want more clients.
  • ​You have lots of clients, but you’re starting to burn out (and you’re looking for ways to make more money with less work, while helping more people).
The Client Attraction Summit is NOT for you if:
  • ​You have a job, and you have no interest in starting your own business or getting new clients.
Q: How is what I’m going to learn relevant to the economic state the world is in right now?
Most of what you’ll learn at the Summit is relevant no matter what’s happening in the economy. These are foundational principles to help you attract and enroll more clients.

For 20+ years (and two economic downturns), people have reported that what they’ve learned at the Summit helped them to attract and enroll more clients right after the event.

This being said, we’re updating the Summit to make sure that you’ll get client attraction strategies that are most likely to work during these crazy times we’re living in.
Q:  I’ve watched my friends increase their income exponentially since starting with Thrive Academy. I can’t make the Client Attraction Summit, but I want to do some advanced programs. Can I skip the Summit and go straight to the advanced programs?
Our recommendation and preference is that you attend the Client Attraction Summit as your first event with Thrive Academy to make sure that our programs and our community are a good match for you.

With special exception, we will allow you to sign up for Thrive Academy programs without having first attended the Summit. Please call us to set up a time for a short interview.
Why Do You Offer Scholarships?
Q: Who gets awarded a Full Scholarship and why?
While people have paid $1,497 to attend the Client Attraction Summit, it has been our honor to give over $15 Million Dollars in scholarships to this event over the last 20 years.
Some people assume that we award scholarships based on financial need. This isn’t the case. 

What we are looking for are the coaches, practitioners and entrepreneurs who are the most committed to changing the world through doing the work they love.

When your commitment shines through your application, we get inspired, and we match your commitment level with the gift of a scholarship. If you are awarded the full scholarship you will get three value-packed days that will change your ability to attract clients forever.
Q: Why should I sign up now (if the Summit isn’t happening for several months)?
The moment you sign up, you are declaring to the Universe that you are serious about attracting more clients. You are making a statement that your business is NOT a hobby… It’s something that you’re fully committed to. It’s something that you’re willing to dedicate an entire weekend to.

Commitment attracts commitment. You will notice that increasing your commitment will start drawing new clients toward you who are fully committed to getting the results you can help them get.

PLUS, you’ll get some great support to help you attract more clients before you even show up for the event--we’ll surprise you with some sweet bonuses that are only available when you sign up in advance.

And you'll get to know a community of wonderful, generous people traveling the road you're on now.
Will I feel Comfortable at this Event?
Q: What if I’m an introvert and I’m uncomfortable in groups?
When I (Sharla) first met Jesse, he was very introverted. At events, I would look forward to hugs and making new friends during breaks. Jesse would disappear to our room to meditate. Eventually, Jesse discovered that when he gave himself permission to be his sweet, quirky, and powerful self, he became more comfortable socializing and started spending some breaks making deep friendships.

At the Summit, we’ll take breaks about every 90 minutes. You’re welcome to take solo time. And, our intention is to create a safe place for you to be your sweet, quirky and powerful self so that you naturally enjoy meeting new people because you feel exceptionally comfortable.
Q: Will I fit in?
We know that nervous excited feeling when you first arrive at an event. Well… you can count on a warm welcome from our team, starting when you first check-in. Throughout the event we’ll be doing lots of partner exercises so you’ll get connected with people (even if you’re an introvert).
By the end of the weekend, you may be surprised by how much you feel a part of the group and how many people you’ve been inspired by.
And if you want to get a head start making new friends, join our private Facebook Group to start connecting with people before you meet them at the weekend.

Q: What if nobody talks to me?
Not a chance. Seriously. This one simply isn’t going to happen.
Q: Will I be the only _______ (BiPoC, LGBTQ or some other marginalized group) there???
Did that blank fill in for you by itself? Maybe even more than once? We’ve all had experiences of feeling like we didn’t belong in a group, whether because we belong to a group that’s historically been marginalized or because of other ways we’ve been isolated or negatively singled out.

As you may know, we’ve led the Summit over 70 times. So we have a pretty good sense of the spectrum of people we attract, including:
  • ​BiPoC
  • ​LGBTQ people
  • ​People from all over the world
  • ​People who live with disabilities or chronic illnesses
  • ​Survivors of violence
  • ​Young adults and elders
  • ​People who have had successful businesses and people who haven’t started their business yet
  • ​Introverts and Extroverts
  • ​Woo-Woo people to Won’t-Woo people!
However you filled in the blank above, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll be the only one in the room. And even if you are, YOU are completely welcome and we’ll do everything we can to help you feel comfortable.

If you're a BiPoC or LGBTQ, please know that we strive to create an environment that will have you feel welcomed, accepted, included and safe. We embrace all races, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations... we appreciate everything about you that makes you unique. We are aware of our privilege and strive to use it for good. We do not tolerate bigotry at our events. We are doing our work to understand issues around racism and equity. We aren't perfect, by any means, and we welcome a conversation if there is anything anyone on our team ever does or says that has you feel unwelcome or unsafe at our events.

Sometimes, it’s the very things about us that we fear will be rejected that create our unique magic and what we offer to the world.
Q: Is the Summit going to be boring?
We hate boring events. So we have created a cutting edge, inspiring, entertaining, and experiential event for you.

We pride ourselves on how engaging the event will be, even when ONLINE.
Q: Will I like the people who attend?
If you like kind, heart-centered people who are ready to get paid even more to make a bigger difference, you’ll LOVE the people who attend the Summit.
Q: Can I invite a friend, spouse or business partner?
Inviting a friend, spouse or business partner is one of the best ways to make sure that the inspiration, skills, and confidence you receive at the Summit, come home with you.

If you have a friend, spouse or business partner who you feel would benefit from attending the Client Attraction Summit, we would be honored if you would invite them to join you. Simply invite them to apply for a Full Scholarship and we’ll take care of the rest.
What are my other options (besides the Summit?)
Q: What if I want to keep my options open that weekend?
We love our freedom too. But, true freedom comes from asking yourself powerful questions. Here’s a question you can ask yourself: How important is it to you to grow yourself so that you have the ability to reach more people and make more money?

If it’s not that important to you, there’s no need to join us. But if it is important to you, we encourage you to move mountains to attend.
Q: Can I just do an Online Course?
We have a whole library of online courses that we’ve invested tens of thousands to acquire. Some we barely opened. Others have added great value to us.

If you’re a motivated, self-accountable, self-starter, you can get great results from investing in a Home Study Course. (We sometimes get messages from our Home Study Course clients saying that they received a big influx of clients.)

But we’ve found that in order for most people to get results, it usually the information AND inspiration, powerful transformation and heartfelt community… So, that’s why we recommend moving mountains to join us at the Summit.
If you absolutely cannot attend the Summit (or you just want to get started attracting clients right away) you can send us an email and request a date in the future.

Will there be a lot of selling at the Summit?
Q: Is the Summit going to be valuable, or just a bunch of sales pitches?
We’ve been to events that we feel were one “sales pitch” after another. It’s embarrassing to admit that we used to do that too. Fortunately, we decided to stop doing that many years ago.

If we’re inviting you to spend 3 days with us, it’s our promise to provide you with some of the best business training you’ll ever get. One woman said that she learned more about business building in one day at the Client Attraction Summit than she had in a coaching program that cost $25,000!

And… to be transparent, we will invite you to join either our Client Attraction Mastery or Platinum program. Fortunately, enough people are so inspired by the value they got at the Summit that they decide to spend a year or more learning from us. But there is no pressure to join. You can learn more about our programs here.
Q: Am I going to feel manipulated into signing up for a program?
We have seen speakers use sales tactics that have made our skin crawl. We don’t do that at Thrive.

That being said, we will invite you to join either our Client Attraction Mastery or Platinum program. Our intention is to invite you in the most heartfelt and inspiring way possible. And, we only encourage you to say yes if our program would be a good fit for you.
Q: Will there be guest speakers at the Summit?
As of today, we (Jesse and Sharla) lead the entire event with no guest speakers. But, we have plans to train speakers to lead the Summit in the future. So, if you want to ensure that you are learning from us (the founders) we recommend you attend the next Summit.
What if I have inner stuff coming up?
Q: What if I don’t feel ready for clients yet?
If you’re not feeling ready for clients, it might be because of one of two reasons:

1. You may not feel confident in your ability to help your clients get results.
It might be wise to get more training in your field: coaching, massage, acupuncture, nutrition, etc. But, often, you are actually more talented than you think at helping people and it could be your insecurities holding you back.

At the Summit, we’ll help you release outdated insecurities and increase your confidence. And we’ll help you get clients… because sometimes the greatest confidence comes from seeing the profound impact you have on your clients.

2. It’s just not the right timing to start growing your business.
If you have a health issue or you’re caring for a loved one full time, or finishing an intense PHD program, you may want to schedule your Summit for 4-6 months out when things clear up.

At the same time, it’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll start building your business when the perfect time comes. In our experience, there is never a “perfect” time. Sometimes it takes declaring that you’re ready and then attending an event that will give you the inspiration, vision and energy to pursue your dreams (no matter your circumstances).
Q: What if I don’t believe in myself?
Thank you. It can take great courage to admit this… even to yourself. We find that this issue is often at the heart of why people don’t take action (which can perpetuate the lack of belief in yourself).

There are five keys to believing in yourself:

1. A crystal clear vision of what success looks like for you.
2. Knowing how to talk about what you do in an inspiring way.
3. Feeling great about how much you charge (and feeling “worth it”).
4. Knowing what to say when someone says they can’t afford you (so you don’t take it personally).
5. Transforming the belief that gets in your way from seeing your greatness.

We cover all five of these keys at the Summit. So, welcome to the path of beginning to believe in yourself more fully. You are worth it.
Q: What if I don’t want to learn to sell? (I just want people to come to me)
When we first started out, we hated selling and wanted nothing to do with it. But, unfortunately, clients didn’t just drop in our lap… and when they occasionally did, we still had to invite them to work with us and ask them for payment.

So, instead of worrying about “selling,” it would be ideal to learn a heart-based system to make this conversation as graceful, heartfelt and effective as possible. We’d love to help you with that at the Summit.
Q: If I can’t make the entire event, should I still claim a scholarship?
The Client Attraction Summit will give you the tools, inspiration and confidence you need to attract all the clients you want. During this event, you’ll receive our step-by-step systems, and have powerful breakthroughs that will help you take your business to the next level.

Unfortunately, we only have three value-packed days to help you become a client magnet. If you miss even one minute of the event, we can’t promise you will get what you came for.

If you are not able to fully commit to the full three days, we suggest you choose another date that you can fully commit to. Your success isn’t going to happen by accident. It will only come from your full commitment to reaching the people who are waiting for you… and who need your help.

Q: What are the start and end times for the Client Attraction Summit?
The event is scheduled for 9am - 4:30pm Pacific all 3 days.

Please plan to show up 10 minutes prior to make sure all your tech is working.
What if I Have Challenging Life Circumstances?
Q: What if I feel guilty attending an event for 3 days with my kids and/or partner at home?
We get it. Our commitment to being amazing parents to our boys is our #1 priority. So, of course, leaving our boys with our nanny (even though the boys love her) to attend an event is sometimes hard.

But being amazing parents means that we are committed to providing a safe, comfortable home for our boys. It means that we’re committed to growing as human beings and as leaders. It means we are setting an example of following our calling and changing the world.

We can’t set this example if we’re not willing to follow our YES and trust our children with other people. Human beings, for centuries, have raised children with the support of their village or tribe. How can you find the support you need to follow your calling?
Q: What if I’m too busy?
We get it because we are really busy too. We have kids, a team of 29 people to lead, hundreds of clients, good friends and our love to tend to. But, we make time for the things that are most important to us.

Is it a priority to create a business that pays you so well that you have even more time and freedom than you have right now? It is possible. We know, because we have so much more time off than when we were first struggling to grow our business.

If you’d like more time and freedom, we’d love to support you at the Summit to start creating that new lifestyle.
Q: What if I can’t miss work (job or clients) to make the Summit?
I (Jesse) remember how scary it was to ask my boss (at the last job I ever worked) whether I could miss work to attend a workshop. But, I was THAT committed to my personal growth.

So, the first question to ask yourself is: On a scale from 1-10 how committed are you to breaking through your personal limitations and make more money? If you not committed at a level 9 or 10, it makes sense to keep doing what you’ve been doing. If you are committed at a 9 or 10, then we invite you to get creative and resourceful and find a way to make it to the Summit.
What if something has come up and I’m not sure I can make it to the Summit?
Q: Will you be recording the Client Attraction Summit if I can’t make it?
The Client Attraction Summit Experience is about way more than the information taught. This is a fully transformational experience that only happens when you’re there live.

For this reason, we are not releasing the recordings of the event, although if we have enough international attendees for the ONLINE Client Attraction Summit, we may provide replays of the day’s content in between each of the days.
Q: What if something has come up and I’m not sure I can make it to the entire Client Attraction Summit?
The Client Attraction Summit will give you the tools, inspiration and confidence you need to attract all the clients you want. During this event, you’ll receive our step-by-step systems, and have powerful breakthroughs that will help you take your business to the next level.

Unfortunately, we only have three value-packed days to help you become a client magnet. If you miss even one minute of the event, we can’t promise you will get what you came for.

If you are not able to fully commit to the full three days, we suggest you choose another date that you can fully commit to. Your success isn’t going to happen by accident. It will only come from your full commitment to reaching the people who are waiting for you… and who need your help.
Q: I’m in another program- should I attend the Summit also?
When we first started Thrive Academy, we were so passionate about learning and growth that we were in 3 different substantial programs at the same time. This meant flying all over the US and Canada, sometimes twice in a month. But, we were hungry to learn and these programs were the key to us making $175,000 in our first year and $732,000 in our third year of business.
So, we are always a fan of following your “YES!” If you resonate with us, and you’re in other programs, we invite you to relate to include the Summit as part of your accelerated growth plan.
Unless you already have way more clients than you can handle and you’re successfully speaking to groups, and have tons of people buying your home study course and signing up for your group program, we promise that we can be of great service to you.
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