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We want to offer you our 30-Day, “Get Aligned
 & Get Going or You Won't Pay” Guarantee
To show you how confident we are that this program gets you aligned with who you truly are when you promote your business, so you’ll attract new clients naturally... We want you to go ahead and take the next 30 days to put this program to the test. Go through each Module and follow the program step-by-step. Let the results prove themselves. And if you aren’t on track, moving in the direction of your goals and dreams... just shoot us an email or give us a quick phone call, and you’ll promptly get a full refund.
Here’s What You Get 
When You Enroll Today:

Client Attraction Mastery 2.0 Online ($3,000 value)

You get our cutting edge, client attraction secrets and strategies, designed to help you make an additional $5,000-$10,000 each and every month, as you become masterful at attracting, engaging and enrolling more clients in a way that feels authentic and in alignment with your values.

2 Tickets to the Client Attraction Summit ($2,000 value)

Get our VERY best client attraction secrets at this 3-Day Live Event for you and a friend. We include this bonus, because many of our clients are kinesthetic learners and thrive at Live Events. You’ll leave with a clear vision of what’s possible for you, and the exact tools that will lay the foundation for adding an extra $5,000 to $10,000 to your income each month!

“Client Retention Secrets” ($500 value)

Our powerful Client Retention Heartselling™ Templates you receive will help you save thousands of dollars, because instead of cancelling, you’ll get more clients re-enrolling in another package. Not only will you save a LOT of money... your confidence will soar, because clients won’t slip through your fingers.

“How to Build A Client-Getting Website (On a Shoestring Budget)” ($500 value)

We’ll show you how to spend almost nothing on a simple, powerful website that automatically builds your email list and consistently attracts your ideal clients.

“Create A Hero's Journey Story That Inspires Your Potential Clients to Say YES!” ($500 value)

When you create your Hero’s Journey Story, your people will feel your heart and will feel compelled to work with you. Because they’ll know that if you can prevail, they can too. 

“Heartselling Templates App” ($250 value)

Because our clients wanted all of our Heartselling™ Templates to be a click away, we designed an exclusive app. Imagine doing a phone consultation and your potential client tells you they can’t afford to work with you. With one click of our App, you’ll go straight to our "How to Transform I Can’t Afford It into a YES" template. Our App works with iPad Minis and iPads and it practically gets the clients for you!

“Speak to Get Clients Bonus Pack” ($1,000 value)

Speaking is one of our favorite ways to get Consults that turn into Clients. You'll receive our proven templates that will help you book speaking gigs and get people to sign up for a free consultation. Plus, you'll learn from some of the best in the business about the tricks to getting the best gigs and which ones to avoid. You'll be speaking like a pro in no time!
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